Arizona’s Illegal

Recently passed Arizona’s Senate Bill 1070 empowers state and local law enforcement to stop, question and arrest the many suspected illegal immigrants living in Arizona illegally. The law gives power to law enforcement officers arresting rights without a warrant may arrest a suspected person with probable cause.

The law did not specifically state one particular race as being undocumented immigrants. The law state “whoever”. The issue is not signaling out or racial profiling Latino’s. The fact is with both the Arizona state line and Mexico borders, almost ninety eight percent of illegal immigrants are Hispanic that sneak into America for a better life that they would not receive in their own country. A majority of the illegal immigrants are criminals.

America is the home of the free. The greatest country on planet earth. There are many other undocumented immigrants that have chosen the route of Arizona which is one of the many border routes to enter illegally into the United States. In the State of Florida the wet foot dry foot policy state that anyone who fled Cuba and got into the US would be allowed residency. The Cuban government and the Clinton Administration came to an agreement that would stop admitting people found at sea. A Cuban caught on sea between both nations would either be returned back home or to a third country. One who makes it to shore, dry land gets a chance to remain in the United States later qualifying for legal residency status and US citizenship.

Is this the case in Arizona? I don’t know if this is covered under Senate Bill 1070 but I think when President Barack Obama denounced the bill, he was stating that at the federal level there is a wet foot dry foot policy in place that can be applied to the Arizona law.

There are tens of millions of illegal immigrants living working in the united States that have taken away jobs from Americans. One group that is being targeted is day labors because they are cheap wages. One of the good causes SB 1070 is that any businesses that employ an undocumented employee will be punished.

Is the Bill racial profiling? There are Asians, Africans, Europeans and Haitians that have entered illegally and are living the “American Dream.” In 2005 under the Bush Administration, the federal government did a sweep to crack down on illegal undocumented immigrants targeting their places of employment. Almost tens of millions of undocumented immigrants did not show up for work or took a three week vacation. But they were out in record numbers across the country marching protesting immigration reform.


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