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With the influx of more immigrates coming to America and choosing the suburban lifestyle and African Americans from Urban areas living in America’s suburbs. Whites are moving to urban cities to be closer to jobs and home preferring a shorter commute to work fun and sporting events.

Minorities and legal immigrants prefer the quite lifestyle of the suburbs. The suburbs offer less crime, better schools, family value, bigger parks, and space. Street lighting is not as bright compared to the metropolitan areas.

The suburbs were the home of the “Baby Boomers” generation. Baby Boomers were more in tune with the civil rights movement, the cause of the 1970’s, handicap rights and the right to privacy. Sometimes the suburbs were referred to as a white only community across America. This is not true. If you can afford it you can afford to live there.

A big percent of whites still reside in the suburbs but over the last twenty five years dating as far back as the 1970’s. A majority of ethnic groups from major metropolitan areas live outside urban cities. African Americans want better schools, many Hispanic that migrated after getting jobs when straight to the suburbs.

Because of the housing economic downward spiral in the worst housing market in years. With high housing prices and property taxes whites are moving relocating to cities in large part to jobs in Information Technology and Information Processing jobs to locate in cheaper areas. Information jobs will drive the economy. Public transportation is more accessible that having to commute from a long distance.

In the last ten years the suburbs offer affordable housing and better social services for a growing immigration community.

The new generation what I call the “I” Generation. Young adults in tune with themselves prefer big city lights, homosexuality and technology and links to a populated area.

The future projection of population growth, whites will be the minority within the next thirty years as minorities will be the majority.


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