Tampa Florida Will Hold Republican National Convention In 2012

Tampa Florida Will Hold RepublicThe Republican National Committee has select Tampa, Florida as the site that will host the 2012 Republican National Convention.

Florida is considered a political “Swing State.” With the big battle brewing between two state powerhouses Governor Charlie Crist and hopeful former “Speaker of The House” Marco Rubio for this upcoming 2010 election for the Senate seat in congress. Also President elect Barack Obama won the presidential election in Florida in 2008.

Why Tampa? Tampa is a clean city located on the West Coast of Florida. Part of the metropolitan area Tampa-St. Petersburg Clearwater. It is referred to as Tampa Bay or Tampa/St. Pete. Tampa is one of the state’s attractive tourism and recreation towns in Florida. Nice Architectural Cityscape, arts and entertainment district, with four major professional sports teams and past and future Super Bowl host.

Is this the reason Tampa was chosen to host the Republican National Convention?

Tampa has a reputation that they would not like you to know or would rather it was not mention. A reputation can either make or break you. Tampa has been called the Lap Dance Capital of the world.

The Tampa area has 56 different adult oriented strip clubs. Plus the city’s role in the adult industry. Did this play a role in the deciding factor to choose Tampa for the RNC?

The family value Republican National Committee spent almost $2000 this past February at an erotic strip club in California. The Republican Committee president took tremendous heat for that as he was not in attendance.

Did this play a role in the deciding factor for the RNC convention site?





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