Fact-Check Fact-Checkers: The Government Wants To Take Over The Internet

Washington, the Obama administration and the federal government wants to control the internet, the World Wide Web. Now Washington and the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) want to put another industry under control. This sounds like Communism. Read on.

A federal appeals court made a ruling recently that the FCC lacks the authority to regulate the internet. Upon hearing this, the Obama administration chooses to “reclassify” the internet so it can regulate the World Wide Web.

Since the inception of the internet broadband has been providing “Information Service” which has changed telephone service that has created investments and internet innovation. But the government wants more control over the telecommunication business. This is not 1984 where the federal government steps in to stop AT&T from monopolizing telecommunication services. The government wants to control the web’s services provider.

The FCC has announced plans to reclassify broadband so that the internet can be regulated stemming from rules back as far as the 1930. This will allow the government to supervise internet service with all 50 states internet public utilities. The web was not even available back in the 1930’s. Nor was “Ma Bell” that far in advance.

The Clinton administration signed the internet into law. Former Vice President AL Gore was considered the father of the internet. Clinton’s administration recognized the advancement of the internet did not want to regulate the global internet development. The government wants to classify internet access as a telecommunication services. The FCC wants another way on regulation for consumer and economic growth.

The current regulatory on information technology is failing. In 2005, the Supreme Court ruled cable broadband’s clarification as “Information Service” that led to investments and competition. American companies have invested hundreds of billions of dollars in communication equipment adding computers and software which increase capital expenditures on information technology.

Now the FCC is putting these investments at risk. This will provide the federal government to meddling in internet investments.

What the government and the FCC need to regulate is the Nigerian fraudulent email investment scam that comes across the web. No FCC regulation there.

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