Student Beaten By Teacher Caught on Tape

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A teacher at the Jamie House Charter School in Houston, Texas was caught on tape beating up on a 13 year old student.

Special Education teacher Sherri Davis was caught on tape beating up 13 year old Isaiah Johnson. What has been reported in the news, Sherri Davis left her classroom to stop a fight in the school hallway. Upon her return back to the classroom, Isaiah Johnson was seen and heard mimicking teasing a female student. That is when Ms. Davis went nuts.

Reports are that at first the students thought that the episode started out as a joke but became serious as Ms. Davis starts beating on the young student. The incident was caught on a cell phone camera.

Ms. Davis 40 was seen grabbing, hitting and kicking the kid for more than a minute. Also the classroom has a security video camera in the room that recorded the incident on tape. The incident occurred on April 29 but the school mysteriously let the video camera erase itself adding speculation for a cover up.

Ms. Davis treated the kid as if she was a man herself using fighting threating language. Isaiah was teasing another student that is when she lost control of herself. Other kids in the room reported that Ms. Davis told the kid “you want to fight a girl? Fight me.” That is no reason for a teacher to lose control of herself punch and kick a student. What is also disturbing, there were other adults present in the classroom but not one had the audacity to step in.

Ms. Davis does not have a teacher’s certification. She was fired for the episode. She was arrested for an unrelated incident. The beating is now under a sheriff’s investigation. A lawsuit has been filed against the teacher and the chartered school on behalf of the kid’s mother. Ms. Davis has issued an apology for the incident. The lawsuit accused Ms. Davis of assault. The school is accused of negligence, inadequate security and a cover up. This is a lack of very poor judgment. She made a mistake. Simple put.

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