Big Oil Bailout?

The oil well at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico continues to spew oil gushing out into waters destroying wildlife, sea mammals, fish, marsh lands, beaches and tourism. Some members of congress are now demanding less and less regulation for big oil companies like BP. Because of the recent government sponsored bailouts to the auto banking industries. Certain members of congress from Alaska are looking for a taxpayer bailout of BP.

The purpose of those bailouts, the auto and banks were in financial trouble. Not BP. BP makes about $96 million a day in profits. Since the accident from the Deepwater Horizon drill rig explosion that killed 11, BP makes roughly $3.4 billion in the 35 days since the rig’s explosion.

What is being reported now is that Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski from Alaska want to bailout BP and make them pay for just the first five days of the cleanup leaving the rest to the taxpayer.

What is needed is oversight to protect the environment, not taxpayer funded bailouts to big oil. Let big oil clean and pay for their own mess.

Quitter Sara Palin states that President Barack Obama received political contributions from BP. Palin herself receives political funds from oil companies in Alaska. Is this the main reason she states “Drill Baby Drill?”


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