BP Clean Up Efforts

CNN revealed a disturbing video from the Gulf of Mexico’s oil spill. BP Chief Executive Officer Tony Hayward walked along the Louisiana beach with his staff and national media in tow. Workers were cleaning up crude oil that had soaked its way on shore. Workers in hazardous hazmat tie back protective uniform with equipment provided cleaning efforts to the stained sand soaked beaches.

The video revealed that BP attempted to keep all camera crews at a distance. They demanded that the camera crews move and stop photographing even threaten arrest if they continued to film the oil soaked beach sand cleanup efforts.

Hayward PB’s top official came to see some of the damaged his company has done to the environment. What was the purpose of his visit, didn’t he believe it was happening?

BP does not get the chance to demand or dictate how our press covers a catastrophic environmental disaster. He should be concentrating his energy on plugging the oil at the bottom of the Gulf’s floor. It appears as if BP does not know what or how to cap the oil leak. “Myth Busters” from the “Discovery Channel” could plug the oil leak.

The fact that BP has been unable to stop this thing yet and there is a chance that they never will. For particle purpose let’s say that they stop this leak today. There is enough oil in the Gulf’s waters to spread into both Atlantic and Pacific oceans that will last a life time. This has the potential to make the Exxon Valdez appear as a spilled cup of water.

The Obama administration and the federal government should fine BP $10 billion each day retroactive to April 20, 2010 until well and cleanup are fixed.





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