Big Oil Greed

Greed is an unending obsession with having more. How much does one need? When is enough, enough?

Never in the history of the world have so many companies have made so much money. With the advancement of high technology many companies are having massive fortunes yielding high wealth. In the last twenty plus years more and more companies have a net profit worth in excess of $1 billion plus. Big companies have a formula for instant profits. Set up a new company, take it public, and pocket half a billion dollars in two and a half years. Could this be called greed at the expense of the masses?

Greed is capitalism with self-interest for monetary growth. Unlimited growth. Massive affluence on the capitalist technology guides companies to fuel profit motives for greed. Capitalism civilizes greed. Capitalism channels greed in such a way that it is placed at the service of the wants because we live in a capitalistic society. This attracts wealth and power.

In business greed is the basics for the bottom line, profits. In recent years, the business world has spent considerable time and energy communicating codes of conduct to define corporate business for what and how a company will operate and achieve the profits. Codes of conduct in the capitalism system are a system practiced by individuals in the corporate world with their willingness to embrace it.

Business techniques and corporate responsibility must be backed up by laws. Law helps breakthroughs in invention and technology. This causes character and conscience. If you don’t buy into law, character and conscience this allows people to do many things that they shouldn’t do.

Could this be the reason for the massive environmental oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico that have effect our waters, shorelines, coastal areas, fishery industry, wildlife, sea animals, marshlands, beaches and tourism?


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