BP History of Polluting

Reports are that BP has a history of polluting air and water here in the US.

BP has a refinery operation plant in the Midwest in Indiana that refines oil made from tar, the same tar ball that they are cleaning up collecting from coastal beaches and shores from the Gulf’s April 20 oil spill, redefining into one of the dirtiest forms of crude in the world. Reports are that BP is the environment 6th largest air and water polluter in the Great Lakes, Chicago area.

Chicago has one of the world’s best water filtration systems. Now this is under a threat. BP is allowed to dump its pollutants into Lake Michigan, take all the fresh water it needs and dump any pollution they create.

BP received permission from Indiana’s Department of Environment Management according to Capitol Hill Blue, to increase and release the amount of air and water pollution it produces. BP lied about the amounts of air pollutions they were releasing.

BP’s refinery plant located in Whiting, Indiana was design to refine dirty oil shale and oil tar sands. This is probable the reason BP is collecting the tar balls washing up on shores from the Gulf coast oil spill using to refine the tars balls for crude oil which is a dirty process. The process uses huge amounts of fresh water. Canada refused BP’s request to process and refine oil shale and tar sands in Canada, so BP decided to transport millions of tons of the materials to Indiana. Without access to Lake Michigan, and without the ability to dump millions of tons of polluted water back into the lake, BP’s Indiana’s plant would be less profitable.

BP asked Indiana’s Department of Environmental Management for permission to dump it’s pollutants into Lake Michigan. Illinois, Michigan, Canada and Wisconsin rejected this, but Indiana granted BP’s request. BP is now free to take as much water as it needs, and can dump all the pollution it creates. BP’s plant in Indiana is the 6th largest polluter in the Chicago area.

BP wants to deep water drill again, this time in Lake Michigan one mile below the lakes bottom floor. If they are allowed to drill, BP will be drilling in fresh water not salt water like the Gulf of Mexico.

BP already is deliberately polluting Lake Michigan with Benzene and Mercury from the tar sands refining process they are dumping into our fresh drinking water.

BP is driven by profits by any means necessary. Our environment must be protected and not let BP continue to cut corners just like the Gulf’s disaster. Deep water directional drilling in the Great Lakes is banned. Hopefully this will prevent BP bathetic practice.


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