Cleanup Could Take Years

Now reports are it could take next year for containment and clean up from the oil spill along marsh lands, coastal shores and beaches along the Gulf coast. But does this include the oil spreading outward into Gulf waters?

Since BP had to cut a riser pipe on the oil well more and more oil is spewing out into the Gulf. Now the increased oil rate has double. BP has put a cap in place but the oil continues to leak. The oil is spreading out in so many different directions making it impossible to put a time frame when the cleanup will be completed, if then.

This is still a huge spill that will not just go away. Clean-up is only near coastal areas of five states in the Gulf of Mexico. No containment and clean-up of the oil spreading to what could be headed to both Atlantic and Pacific Oceans headed up the Eastern seaboard. This is the worst environmental disaster in American history.

This past April, the deep oil exploration the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig fire and explosion killed 11 workers causing the drill platform to sink spilling oil into the Gulf.

“The economic impact of this disaster is going to be substantial and it is going to be ongoing, President Obama told reporters following the meeting with his Admiral. But Mr. Obama added that he is confident that the crisis will pass and the affected region will come back even stronger than ever.”

I disagree. The oil at the top of the surface is what we witness. What will impact and destroy the fish is the oil that is spreading at the deep depths of the gulf’s waters. The problem is what amount of oil is beneath the surface. It has been reported that Dolphins that swim in deep waters are now turning up dead. Fish are swimming through the oil. This is long term damage.

If the Obama administration had placed a timeframe for BP to completely cap the well applying liquated damages with a heavy fine of $10 billion dollars retroactive to April 20, 2010. The oil well would have been caped.


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