BP Sponsoring The Chicago Crosstown Classic?

BP has sponsored the “BP Cross-town Cup” between both major league baseball Chicago Cubs and White Sox teams during baseballs interleague home and home series play.

BP the sponsor will provide the winner of the six game series with a cup. What is BP’s reason for sponsoring the interleague crosstown classic?

BP wants to deep water drill again this time in Lake Michigan one mile below the lakes bottom floor. If they are allowed to drill, BP will be drilling in fresh water. BP is already being allowed to pollute Lake Michigan with Benzene and Mercury from tar sands refining processing plant in nearby Whiting, Indiana dumping into fresh drinking water. They received clearance from Indiana’s Department of Environment Management according to Capitol Hill Blue.

Deep water directional drilling in the Great Lakes is banned. BP’s Indiana plant is the 6th largest air and water polluter in the Chicago area. Reports are that BP has a history of polluting air and water in the US.

The latest is the April 20 explosion and fire that sunk the Deepwater Horizon drill platform spilling oil into the Gulf of Mexico. BP could be sponsoring the baseball crosstown series classic to lobby for drilling in Lake Michigan. BP is driven by profits by any means necessary.

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