BP Financial Ties

The biggest environmental disaster in US history over the Gulf of Mexico will revel which politicians have financial ties and connections to big oil. The April 20 Deepwater Horizon oil disasters will bring out all congressional members involved coming out of the woodworks.

Politicians, lawyers, judges, lobbyist, environmentalist, governors, state and local officials, and environmental agencies, all that will either help in filing lawsuits or make statements to criticize or protect BP from this disaster will have strong financial ties to the oil industry in wake of this disaster.

Big oil provides deep pockets to most judges in the Gulf coast area. According to the Houston Chronicle, “37 of the 64 judges” in the Gulf area have financial ties to big oil. The oil industry has been providing financial gains to politicians and judges for years. Members of congress with financial ties to the oil business will enact responsible energy policy changes to reform how the government regulates big oil that will hold the oil industry accountable for their negligence. Could current financial ties pave advocating lax regulation and oversight from the political spectrum?

This could be the reason BP CEO Tony Hayward “lawyered up” from direct questioning during congressional hearing on Capitol Hill from the Gulf’s oil spill operated by BP.

Not only does the oil industry provide financial gains, they also finance travel accommodation and expenses in exchange for reduced regulation on petroleum drilling exploration and excavation and repeal tax breaks to oil companies or they lobby to prevent policies open for debate.

Lobbyist receiving cash contributions as advocating fees to object in preventing the EPA from holding big oil responsible of liability that provide billions for offshore drilling. Negligent oil companies like BP that caused the April 20 disaster in the Gulf.

With politician in bed with big oil, is this a conflict of interest and violation of ethics? The Gulf’s oil lawsuits will not be a “rank and File” case. BP will try to win the case outside of the Louisiana jurisdiction. The bottom line is this could save PB billions putting more financial ties in political pockets.

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