Why Continue Offshore Drilling

In the aftermath of the worst catastrophic environmental disaster in US history, the Deepwater Horizon oil leak which continues to spew massive oil into the Gulf of Mexico each day is a climate and energy nightmare.

BP the wells owner never had a safety plan in place for an accident of this nature. Not even all things considered. Nor did the Environmental Protection Agency or federal regulation monitor deep water directional drilling practices. The EPA and federal regulation permitted this disaster by allowing a risk to drill at this depth. Yes, there are risk involved in oil drilling but maybe some official should have been in place to overhear the conversation that took place hours before the April 20 deadly disaster. Now this risk has become difficult to ignore at all levels.

BP has yet to figure out a way to stop the wells leak. This could take longer than what’s been reported in the past. What is disturbing is there was never any method placed that could regulate preventing a BP disaster like this from occurring. That is why BP is winging it to plug the well. BP is moving along with alternatives as past attempts have failed. Any method that BP employee for containment has never been used in deep water directional drilling.

Because of limited federal regulation policies for deep water drilling from the Bush administration, the Obama administration has placed a moratorium on offshore drilling. With the Gulf oil spill now sure to becoming one of the biggest environmental disaster in US history, more or heavy mandated regulated policies needs to be put in place at the federal, state and local levels to protect our environments.

At both sides of the table, Democrats and Republicans who are leery of deep offshore drilling are urging the Obama administration to keep the moratorium in place until better policies are reformed.

President Obama was in favor of expanding offshore drilling. In the aftermath of BP’s Deepwater Horizon fire and explosion, sinking, 11 deaths and the enormous oil spill. The administration is backing down.

Is more offshore oil polices needed? Reports are that the Department of Interior will implement more safety checks to existing offshore drilling operations much like safety inspections on construction projects which are the norm.

Tougher regulation on deep water drilling will prevent another Deepwater Horizon disaster. Because the US is dependent on crude oil, alternative energy is needed. But we are light years away from any alternative energy method.

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