Bring The Troops Home?

In November 2008, Barack Obama became the 44th elected president of the United States. President Obama took office inheriting issues left behind from the Bush administration that was controlled by a Democratic House and Senate, congress lack to resolve immigration reform, political scandals, failed banking regulation, housing market collapse, budget deficit, government overspending, failed tax policies, declining dollar, rising oil prices, banks in mountains of debt, economic stimulus packages, savings and loans crises, declining wages, weak job growth and a sinking economy. But the biggest issue that concerns the Americans today was the United States ongoing war in Afghanistan.

The war in Afghanistan began in 2001 when former president Bush with congress approval granted the decision to use military action in Afghanistan that where the basis of terrorist activity against the US from the 911 attacks, in the hunt for Osama Bin Ladin, Al Qaeda and the Taliban that posed a terrorist threat to the US and surrounding nations of terrorist activities.

The U.S. sent American troops in to dispose of Bin Ladin, Al Qaeda and the Taliban terrorist that were spread out in the Afghanistan mountain regions.

The biggest issues still today is the dissatisfaction with US troop’s growth and presence still in Afghanistan and the U.S. still attempting to bring a stable democratic stability to the Afghanistan government.

The ongoing troop presence seems to conclude little progress toward peace victory or troop withdrawal. The USA forces were extremely successful in toppling the Taliban regime in Afghanistan, then hunting for Bin Linden which has proven unsuccessful today as he still remains in hiding. Over the years since the start of this war in Afghanistan, our troops are finding themselves in a position of uncontrollable forces in a complex region divided society and neighboring nations.

Politicians and society provide growing calls for the Bush administration, now the Obama administration to withdraw the US troops from the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan. In spite of the growing concerns to bring the troops home now the Obama administration has adapted Bush agenda for more troop presence notifying any troop withdrawal would be a defeat in Afghanistan in a war against terrorism.

Obama made the same statement that Bush made stating that “America must stay the course and not abandon its goal of stabilizing Afghanistan and a newly elected and installed government would bring stability for American interest in the Middle East”. This was also said about the Iraq war under the Bush administration.

With the U.S. troop’s presence still in Afghanistan and the Afghanistan government still not making any progress on national security and government, the Obama administration should reduce then total troop withdrawal to reduce its support. Remember the $10 billion dollars Bush was spending on this war that has carried over which is now Obama’s war. What is the US interest in Afghanistan?

With growing calls coming from across the nation for the U.S. to immediately withdrawal troops in Afghanistan because the mission of toppling terrorist, the Taliban and any harboring terrorist groups, continue troop presence would only make matters worse, and it has. More troops have been deployed to Afghanistan to help ensure peace to keep order and law enforcement as the U.S. continues to police the world.

When Obama took office he ordered additional troops to Afghanistan and appointed a new military commander. More and more troops have been killed from unsuspecting civilians. Bush spent well over $100 billion on two wars first Iraq then Afghanistan as those total amounts are greater than $200 billion. The latest US war cost are not known yet.

The situation in Afghanistan is still deteriorating with no clear path for improvement or success. The Afghanistan government must take a stand take action for diplomatic and political efforts to stabilize their own region. Afghanistan must understand that the consequences will be sever if they don’t have elected government and prevent terrorist activity.

US military troop’s withdrawal would harm America. What is the real reason for troops in Afghanistan? Are we fighting for a free life throughout the world for human liberation in the Middle East? Is the US really fighting for Afghanistan freedom?

Afghanistan has untapped natural resources of Petroleum and Natural Gas reserves. Because of this, the land has been a target of various invasions, power struggles; coups from world powers invade regions to form their own territory.

Since the 1970’s, Afghanistan has experienced continue civil war invasion. The British and Soviets attempted to invade for control of the natural resources. Afghanistan other natural resources include opium, gold, silver, cooper and emeralds. The petroleum and natural gas reserve went untapped due to the British invasion of 1919 and the soviet invasion and civil war in the 1970’s. Now the U.S. attempts to control the untapped petroleum and natural gas reserves.


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