Immigration Lawsuit

The Federal government has as promised. The Justice Department officially filed a lawsuit against Arizona’s controversial Senate Bill SB 1070 immigration reform that grants the power to regulate undocumented immigrants.

Arizona’s law requires immigrants to carry registration identification at all times and permit’s law agency to question whether immigrants are undocumented. The law also targets businesses that hire illegal immigrants with below wage pay.

The Justice Department argues that Arizona’s SB 1070 is “invalid because it has improperly preempted federal law”. Meaning federal constitution allows the removal from a state level of action giving federal jurisdiction according to the US Constitution, if the action is removable.

The federal government must prove that SB1070 is removable. According to the US Constitution “just because federal law governs preempts, the matter does not make an action removable” Arizona can sit back and let the Justice Department lawsuit prove its case. Could the Justice Departments lawsuit prevent other states from following Arizona’s immigration law?

The federal government will try to exhaust all avenues for bipartisan immigration reform. If they cannot reform immigration, Amnesty will be offered to illegal immigrants.


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