Stealing Your Identity Through Wi-Fi?

Identity data crimes have surpassed credit card and insurance fraud. Now add identity theft resume crimes are again on the rise. More people are inclined to try their luck with identity theft the sheer desperation from a failing economy causing rampant unemployment. .

There’s no question that during the past year and a half, growing unemployment calls for desperate times and desperate measures. Companies are reporting as a result of the financial contraction a spike in increase resumes forwarded for employment.

Identity theft is big business for illegal immigrants here in the US. Fraudulent immigration identity cards with someone’s name and social security assuming that person’s identity before the federal government took actions to secure US borders. Reports in South Florida, job seekers with false identity are submitting resumes for hire. One report had the hiring manager raise a question during the interview process regarding his college admissions. The job requirements were a bachelor degree in management. The candidate immediately left the interview.

Earlier this year, a job seeker reported her experiences with identity theft. In her letter, she detailed how she missed out on a job opportunity after a background check revealed she failed to appear in court over tickets she never knew she received. That was because someone stole her identity. By the time she settled her legal issues she was passed over for the job. This kind of high-level frauds can be very significant to individual’s future employment search.

Months after that it was reported another victim discovered that he had been a victim of identity theft. Someone stole his social security number and resume using it for gainful employment as a construction manager in South Florida. As you can imagine, shocking to find out someone hijacked his social number and treated it like carte blanche.

Identity thief victims often are not aware of how their personal information was obtained and thief is not always detectable. Law agencies at the point of arrest obtained stated issued driving documents stolen from others commonly known as a fake ID. Victims might learn of their identity intrusion by chance, court summons or suspended driver licenses when pulled over for a minor traffic stop.

The latest resume identity theft is from the computer. Ninety eight percent of companies hiring require resume submission through email to their websites. Even with anti-virus protection, stealing personal information from computer using malware or spyware. Business are impersonating organizations in emails by advertising job offers to accumulate resumes and personal information, even skimming from third party sites and social networks.

Wi-Fi technology has spread within business restaurants, cafes, hotels and motels. Wi-Fi provides increasing access points enabling devices to connect to the internet. These access points are not always secure as some are direct from computer to computer as it enables unauthorized users access to your computer stealing personal information. This is one in many ways of obtaining access to resumes online.

Resume identity theft is a concern especially in Arizona. Arizona is the gateway for illegal immigration using false social security cards and resumes obtaining gainful employment. This information is needed for the illegal immigrant to place a profile here in the US. Scammers don’t necessarily take names just using work experience. Companies have more time to pay closer attention to the identity of the job applications information they receive. This is a high level crime as having someone’s identity will ruin that person’s life.


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