FCC Broadband Expansion

Having access to the World Wide Web web of information has improved millions of lives. The internet has transformed how we live our lives from connecting with friends, looking up information, getting the latest news from around the world. Yet, there are millions of households that do not have access to the internet. Now the FCC wants to change this.

The FCC is calling broadband the 21st century what electricity was to the 20th century. The FCC wants to increase broadband for faster internet service and more capacity. The FCC claims that the internet needs to be more globally competitive in the 21st century that will create jobs. The FCC has a plan to free up airwaves and space for mobile broadband. They want a nationwide public internet safety network to expand use of wireless communication making it an important tool for law enforcement and other public safety services. They also want to increase educational use.

The FCC wants our young kids to have access to the internet for learning receiving the best education they could get from the internet. This won’t help young kids learn in the classroom, it will make it easy to get the information from the internet but will they really be learning retaining knowledge that is easy? The FCC states that kids need a computer and high speed internet access. Broadband will provide distance learning like a degree online according to the FCC.

Broadband wants to expand the internet into healthcare where doctors and patients interact on the internet. The internet could get doctors to serve more patients and monitor their care. No matter where the doctor or patient is, the information will be viewable over the internet. Because of broadband, doctors can access records throughout the world treating remotely.

The FCC wants to increase Globe Positioning Devices GPS, on Smart Phones for public safety, public access points in schools and more information about the government online.

The FCC is pushing the government and congress on these ideas of increasing broadband use of more information of the internet. Where has the FCC been in the last ten years? Since the inception of the internet, broadband has been providing “Information Service” that has changed telephone services. This information is already in place. Wireless wifi is everywhere with access.

The FCC, Obama administration and the government wants to control the internet by placing regulation on information coming through the internet world wide web. FCC is attempting to reclassify broadband to regulate internet information to supervise service by calling for broadband expansion.

The truth to the matter is the FCC, Obama administration and the federal government is attempting to get creative with regulatory on information technology with taxation on the internet. Currently there are no taxes on internet access, information or content. By expanding broadband’s use the federal government will meddle into internet investments putting investments at risk and control what we view which is also an invasion of privacy.


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