Arizona Federal Immigration Legal Challenge but Not Nebraska?

The Justice Department will file a legal challenge to Arizona Senate Bill 1070, the controversial immigration law recently passed. SB 1070 law go in effect July 26.

The Justice department will file a lawsuit for federal authority from Arizona to control the states borders entry points and enforce immigration law attacking SB 1070. What is the basic’s for the lawsuit?

SB 1070 empowers state and local law enforcement to question and arrest suspected illegal undocumented immigrants living illegally in Arizona. This law provides law enforcement the arresting power rights of a suspected person with probable cause. So what is the government’s issue?

SB 1070 helps to protect the states borders from illegal entry into the US from Mexico. Arizona is the chosen route for illegal entry into the country. Illegal’s that are undocumented when they enter and remain illegal living abroad choosing the 50 states of residency working for employers that hire undocumented immigrants paying cheap wages. The law specially state undocumented immigrants and has been heavy criticized as racial profiling singling Latino’s. The Bill does not specify any particular race, creed or color. It states “whomever” What is the government’s issue?

Fremont, Nebraska recently passed an ordinance to crackdown on illegal immigrants joining Arizona over immigration regulations. Fremont is heavy Hispanic populated for the last twenty years. The town received 57 percent support for the immigration ordinance. Voters stated “the measure was necessary to make up for what they see as lax federal law enforcement”. The ordinance was passed for people who aren’t legally in the United States.

Like Arizona SB 1070, Nebraska illegal immigrants are crying racial discrimination. The ordinance is a ban for hiring or renting property to illegal immigrants. The aim is at people who aren’t legal.

The American Civil Liberties Union has promised to file a lawsuit against Fremont immigrant ordinance blocking enforcement. The ACLU always steps in to block passage of immigration reform. They don’t necessary fight against immigration they fight to delay a lengthy and costly court fight which is nothing more than a delay tactic in supporting illegal immigration.

The ACLU tactic is a legal fight that could drag on for years. One of the first cities in the US to pass an ordinance targeting illegal immigration in 2006 was Hazleton, Pennsylvania. The Nebraska ordinance models Hazleton ensuring immigrants are in the country legally.

Arizona is the first state to fight and pass illegal immigration reform at the state level as all others are either fought at local branches of government or not at all as with the past Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton and Bush administrations.

Arizona SB 1070 is no different that Nebraska’s or Pennsylvania’s ordinance. Since Fremont ordinance, there have been no boycotts, protest rallies, no cry of racial profiling; no discrimination claims no legal challenges, no justice department lawsuit for federal authority. Arizona borders are the gateway for illegal immigrants to cross into US soils.

What is the Justice Department basic’s for a lawsuit?


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