Congressman Opposes Trimming Social Security Benefits

Congressman Ron Klein sat before a congressional house panel to oppose congress attempts to use Social Security benefits to help reduce the national debt.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, the nation’s 32nd President initiated the social security act that was organized by the government as a regulated system designed to provide full retirement benefits to all Americans that required full and mandatory donation to the system during our employment years.

Social Security is vital survival for the elderly as a dependable income. The government has warned that social security will run out of money. Where has retirement benefits gone? Social Security was setup as a life time savings account withdrawal upon retirement. What has congress done to retirement benefits?

Klein stated to the house panel that benefits cuts would “hurt” social security long term in the future. The house subcommittee is looking at social security to cut benefits, increase taxes or retirement age to help reduce the national deficit or provide funding for the senseless war in Afghanistan.

Cutting benefits is not popular according to Klein. “Benefit cuts are unnecessary and would certainly weaken Social Security in the long run for future generations of working Americans”.

Too much government spending on failed programs will cost our very existence to live comfortable in retirement. Once again regulation is killing future benefits.


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