Why Immigration Reform Is Failing?

Immigration reform is used just for debate and that is where it ends. Congress over the years has introduced immigration reform bills but few have been able to win support for passage. Both Democrats and Republicans have fought hard without comprehensive immigration reform and none will ever be.

Arizona’s Senate Bill SB 1070 is the most comprehensive bill pushed at any federal, state and local levels that would be acceptable for reform. But the feds saw it different making immigration reform more complex accomplishing nothing. The Bush administration attempted immigration reform but failed.

The fact is there are millions of illegal immigrants living working in the US that have taken away jobs from naturally born American citizens living the American dream. But Congress cannot pass a comprehensive immigration reform.

In 2005, the federal government did a nationwide sweep to crack down on illegal undocumented immigrants pushing them back to their own countries but they returned once the feds let up. These appear as telling signs for reform. Still congress could not pass a comprehensive immigration reform.

What’s at stake is what would be acceptable to Americans, business owners, human rights groups, Republicans, Democrats and American citizens pushing Congress to determining which potential immigrants should be allowed to come to the United States. Simple, all documented legal immigrants.

Creating a bill that seeks to please everyone means that in the end the bill is guaranteed to have parts that are objectionable to everyone. The hope is that congress stops immigration debate and find passing immigration legislation, whether or not both parties agree will remain an open issue.

Immigration is failing because every Republican, Democrat, ACLU, rights group, and the federal government want their immigration acceptance over and above each other without any compromise from any branch government levels. Past presidents have failed in immigration reform causing more and more American born citizens to suffer watching illegal immigrants gainfully employed. This hits home hard especially in a bad economy.

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