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The FCC, Federal Government and the Obama administration continue attempts to regulate internet access by forcing to regulate internet taxation. In a surprise notice Google and Verizon announced a joint set of “net neutrality principles” that could protect the FCC in federal law there attempted ability to regulate the Internet and enforce open access.

Google and Verizon, each one is one of the largest internet carriers isn’t ready for proposed rules for internet services providers. The FCC earlier this year announced plans to reclassify broadband so that the internet can be regulated. The proposal also says “that wireless broadband is different and isn’t ready to have net neutrality applied to it”. Since the inception of the internet broadband has been providing “Information Service” which has changed telephone service that has created investments and internet innovation. But the government wants more control over the telecommunication business.

The FCC wants to create a private internet service separate from a public one where regulation over the internet is applied. Clinton’s administration recognized the advancement of the internet did not want to regulate the global internet development. The government wants to classify internet access as a telecommunication services for taxes.

Google stated that “we have no intention of doing anything other than the Internet. We love the internet”.

Verizon denied reports that a deal were in the works with Google that would give priority access to paying as a content provider. “As far as we’re concerned, there will be no paid prioritization of any content over the Internet, Verizon stated. The FCC wants all users and all content providers should have equal access to the Internet’s infrastructure which is already in place. A service provider, such as Verizon, cannot charge a company more for access or deliver some content faster. Comcast charges a price to deliver internet access faster. This appears as a creative process to regulate the access.

The FCC, Federal Government and the Obama administration has sought to regulate the Internet like a utility in order ensure “net neutrality”. Verizon, Comcast and other service providers have resisted. A federal appeals court made a ruling recently that the FCC lacks the authority to regulate the internet. But the FCC, Obama and the federal government will attempted to get creative to control internet content.

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