Why is The President’s Approval Rating Dropping?

President Obama has taken a hit in the polls. The latest Gallup polls finds president Barack Obama job approval rating was down from the previous week. Continuing to drop from week to week, the decline is the worst since president Obama took office in January of 2009.

The president has been under 60-percent approval rating in every single poll released so far in June, July and August combined. He was above 60-percent in most polls taken in April before BP oil environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

There are many reasons why the president isn’t as popular these days. But a couple of possible reasons stick out. Headlines in recent months have mostly been dominated by the debate over health care reform, slow response to the worst oil environmental oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, overspending, sliding downward economy, immigration lawsuit, War in Afghanistan, more government spending and a growing deficit.

The president does not have full support from Republicans on any issue and the Democrats lately are starting to back off of the president’s sweeping agenda. What can get worst for the president if the republican win the house and control congress as I suspect, Obama ratings will drop even further?

Could President Obama be the second one term president in the last 20 years?

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