Fact-Check Fact-Checkers: Don’t Blame Dr. Laura Schlessinger For The N-Word

Racism has always been in today’s society. Since the election of the First African American President, racism is at an all-time high. From “Fox News”, the Tea Party racial elements at Tea Party rallies, Andrew Breitbart video of Shirley Sherrod’s address at a March 2010 NAACP event, Iowa Billboard comparing President Obama to Adolf Hitler, Mark Williams, conservative talk radio host launched a racial attack on the NAACP with a Dear Mr. Lincoln letter.

Now Talk radio host Dr. Laura Schlessinger on a call with an African-American woman who was seeking advice concerning her own interracial marriage, used the word “Nigger” a total of eleven times while arguing “that use of the N-word did not constitute racism”. Continuing in her ranting statement Schlessinger argued that “it was her right to say the word because black comedians, actors and rappers use the N-word”, which is sad to say true. It is not her right or anyone else to use the term that demeans an entire race including the group the term was directed to. But Schlessinger went further.

During the conversation Schlessinger said the woman “was too sensitive for complaining that her husband’s friends made racist comments” about her in their home. When the woman asked if the N-word was offensive, Dr. Schlessinger stated “black guys say it all the time”. “Watch HBO or listen to any black comedians”.  Schlessinger also stated that if the caller did not have a sense of humor about race, she shouldn’t have entered into an interracial marriage.

Schlessinger stated black people “voted for President Obama on the basis of skin color” are insulting. A majority of African Americans are loyal to the Democratic Party period. Ask the Kennedy’s, Carter, Clinton and Obama. Obama presidential victory had a record turnout of young white voters.

18 – 29     66% Obama       32% McCain

30 – 44     52% Obama       46% McCain

45 – 64     50% Obama       49% McCain

65 – Up     45% Obama       53% McCain

What Schlessinger stated was disgusting, hateful, insulting, distasteful, and nasty. But she told the truth. For years the N-word is used often by African Americans towards each other much like calling a buddy “my Nigga” describing a friendship. Young Black men openly use the N-word that everyone else is afraid of being labeled a racist. Rappers in pop culture use the N-word too often that rap society has glorified the word. Rap music promotes the N-word for listening pleasure. Without the N-word they have nothing to say.

It is considered a crime when a white person uses the N-word, but it is fine if a black person says the word. If the use of the N-word wants to be banned then everyone will have to stop using the word, including young hip hop social society. Schlessinger was wrong in extending the N-word without hesitation. She should not be held accountable for what is now main stream.

This is why the word is so frowned upon today. The N-word was used to lynch slaves, men and women for entertainment. A derogatory term that describes a member of any dark-skinned race. Once the term was used, violent acts were committed.

States and local branches of governments have considered legislation to ban the use of the N-word. Supreme courts have rendered opinion. The N-word has been glorified in today’s society, as a word of choice.

Don’t Blame Dr. Laura Schlessinger.


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