2010 Midterm Elections. The Economy? Immigration?

Countdown to the November 2 Midterm election has many issues for debate that may be the deciding factor for the 2010 election. The midterm election, voters will ultimately decide a winner this November as it relates to the welfare of the economy.

The Tea Party started off with an agenda for less government gaining support with protest rallies across the country opposing health care reform, bailouts, government overspending and more overspend increasing the national deficit. Sarah Palin lead a charge on recruiting, nominating, and supporting Republican candidates for upcoming state and national elections. The Tea Party strength could have the Republicans sitting in control of congress this November.

BP oil spill. The biggest environmental disaster in history. The Deepwater Horizone BP oil spill and deaths in the Gulf of Mexico that spewed massive amounts of oil damaging coastal areas, wetlands, fishery industry and wildlife. President Obama lack to address the oil spill in a timely manner. In wake of the past April oil disaster politicians having financial ties and connections to the Big Oil Industry. Big oil has provided financial gains to politicians to act as lobbyist advocating a lax regulation for oil drilling.

Big Oil bailouts. Political support for big oil bailout attempts for resolution preventing oil drilling liability accountable. More members of congress demanded less and less regulation for directional drilling oil companies looking for a taxpayer funded bailout to BP Deepwater Horizon oil disaster this past April. The bailout would prevent oil companies like BP responsible parties from associated cost with the response to protect the environment, any damages as well as long term recovery. Politicians that supported the bailout would have granted billions to the oil industries for their own neglect.

Arizona Senate Bill SB 1070, immigration reform empowers the state to enforce illegal immigration living illegal throughout the state. The law drew controversy from across the country giving law enforcement arresting rights without a warrant arresting suspected illegal immigrants without a cause. The law was for undocumented immigrants, as it was called racial profiling. The Obama administration denounced SB 1070 with the Justice Department filing a lawsuit against SB 1070. Federal Judge temporary ruling block Arizona enforcing portions of SB 1070 challenging 12 different provisions of SB 1070.

Health care reform. The arguments centered on whether there is a right for government sponsored health care, who should have access to, who should be required to contribute towards health care cost. Is health care coverage for all? Both Democrats and Republicans had strong opposition. No Republicans supported health care reform. Since the law was passed this past March. The legislative battle is over in congress. States have filed lawsuits but both parties are fighting to influencing a political battle for this fall’s elections.

The latest controversy that could affect this midterm election is the possibility of a Mosque being erected blocks away from the former World Trade Center site where Muslim terrorist attacked on 9/11. President Obamaweighs in on the controversy stating that Muslims “have the same rights to practice their religion as everyone else in this country. That includes the right to build a place of worship”. Public opinion suggests 70 percent, because of the 9/11 attacks, the Mosque should be built elsewhere. This has divided the Democratic party.

These Issues could change the political landscape of this coming election. Unemployment, stimulus and Afghanistan are presidential issues.


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