Are Private Schools Superior to Public Schools? No?

Private verses Public schools. Which is better? Having recently read an article from a study by the “Center for Education Policy” dated a few years back. As political fights about school vouchers have heated up across the United States, many researchers have attempted to study whether private and charter schools do a better job of educating students than traditional public schools. These studies did not tell the truth. Instead, they have reached opposite conclusion on both sides of the debate.

A study released in 2007 by the Center for Education Policy, which advocates for strengthening the public school system, claims that public schools and private schools perform equally well at educating low-income students. The study failed to mention that low income student tried harder at public schools. The study also stated parents actively involved in their child’s education are much more important than the type of school that the students attend. This study also found that expectations of their children and the family’s income affected test scores more than whether they attended a public or private school. Traditionally low income children tried harder.

Many other studies have found that students in private schools do perform better than children in public schools, but these studies have not always agreed on why private school students do better. I disagree. Private and charter schools can perform better because they have more freedom to try new and innovative methods of educating children because of finances gaining better results than the average public school because yearly budget restraints.

Another theory is that private schools do better because they have some power to select the children whom they will educate and financial backing to advance learning and upgrades. Private schools are not legally required to educate children with behavioral problems and other issues, as public schools are, which gives private schools an advantage. If a known student has a prior behavioral problem, they have no chance in a private school. Another argument is that children at private schools do better because their parents are more involved than the parents of children in public schools. Again, that is false. All parents take great interest in their children schooling. If that child refuses to learn it is not a reflection on the parent. In order to get their children into a private school, parents have to make a number of conscious decisions about their children education. In short, it’s a financial issue. The parents then have to spend their own time, and often their own money, making the arrangements for their children to attend the chosen school. Parents who are willing to make this sort of effort are more likely to remain closely involved in their children schooling.

Another complaint about studies of public versus private schools is the information used to measure student performance. These studies often use different testing methods on standardized tests to determine how well students are doing, but standardized tests are a controversial and are not the same across the spectrum. Many people are opposed to standardized tests because they believe that these tests are biased against minorities. This has been proven time and time again. Most tests aren’t current with the schools curriculum.

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