California Candidate Opposes Net Neutrality

Carly Fiorina the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard and telecommunications industry executive running for as a GOP Senate candidate in California opposes the FCC, Obama administration and the Federal government for tough Net neutrality rules that Internet providers treat all Web traffic equally.

Washington with its governmental bodies is trying to transform internet activity into policy on how companies and regulatory agencies control internet use. Fiorina opposes Net neutrality and thinks government intervention and more regulation “will not be helpful where the Internet is concerned”. Former President Clinton sign internet legislation into law but did not put any regulation on internet use.

The powers to be want to control how and what we do on the internet by governing rules and taxing content by placing heavy taxation on internet activities. Fiorina I believe has it right stated that “the principle sounds fantastic, but the principle is not the problem”. Making internet activity into policy would have a bad effect on the user.

Fiorina’s opponent, Democratic Senate candidate Barbara Boxer wants the opposite. Boxer helped support legislation that would let the FCC set Internet rules lending her support for Net neutrality. The FCC wants to mandate Net neutrality over the internet making its own rules and the ruling process.

Fiorina criticized the FCC for considering any attempts that would set rules for Internet providers that currently apply to phone services which is heavy regulated. Fiorina stated that “the FCC is not an appropriate regulatory body for all of the advances going on for the Internet”. A federal appeals court made a ruling recently that the FCC lacks the authority to regulate the internet. Since this ruling, the FCC, Obama’s administration and the Federal government attempts to “reclassify” the internet so it can regulate the World Wide Web.

Fiorina has more than 20 years of experience in the telecommunications industry. Fiorina November election win could make it more difficult for Net neutrality advocates and lobbyist to get anything through the Senate next year, especially since the FCC attempts to reclassify broadband as a telecommunications service.

Fiorina stated that her opponent Boxer “has not been a friend to the technology industry or any other industry”.

The government wants to classify internet access as a telecommunication services. The FCC wants regulation for consumer and economic growth by controlling the providers of internet content. Companies have hundreds of billions of dollars invested in communication which increase capital expenditures on information technology. Now the FCC, Obama administration and the Federal government is putting these investments at risk.


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