Senate Three Way Race

The biggest race for the coming 2010 election this November will feature three strong candidates for the Florida senate seat. This race no doubt will be the most watched senate race across the country this year.

The candidates coming off the recent Florida primary victory receiving its party nominationas there were no surprises to the Florida political front for the national election. This primary gives the Democrats and Republicans confidence to hold off each other. But, this time with a twist. A worthy Independent.

Candidates, Florida governor Charlie Crist – Independent, State Representative Kendrick Meek – Democrat and Marco Rubio – Republican now must come together and fight for the right to represent Florida in the Senate seat.

Crist, a former Republican switched party affiliation from the GOP running for the senate seat as an independent candidate. Meek a four-term Florida State congressman captured the Democratic nomination defeating a billionaire investor who spent millions. Rubio, the former Speaker of The House won the GOP Senate nomination.

The big difference in this race is Crist. Crist provides new meaning as an independent. Progressive thinker in government that can help reduce taxes, overspending and downsize budgets. Crist has the backing of teachers throughout the state. The GOP did not want Crist but he has built accord with both parties strengthening as an independent could split votes between his two opponents. Crist chances in November are very strong.

Meek, the former State Trooper started his political career replacing his mother, former state legislator Carrie Meek. Meek is very popular in South Florida. His Miami district has the largest African American community in Florida’s House of Representative. Plus, he is admired among the states constituent. Meek first must overcome the fact that he is running against two Republican opponents. If Meek is to win the Senate seat, he must embrace the middle class create jobs in a slumping economy.

Rubio, a Tea Party activist has the backing of the GOP gaining support from the party by criticizing the Obama administration for the failed economy. Rubio has a plan that he calls a “12 step process plan” that could help jump start both state and national economies. Rubio’s 12 step plan provides a relief for big business the same Bush tax cuts. Those tax cuts did not provide jobs for the middle class, tax cuts only benefits a booming economy.

This three way race will have the eyes of the nation watching. Crist running as an independent could pull off an upset, but he is considered “a man with a party”. Meek and Rubio respective party nominations, there is no space in the middle for an independent. Both Democrats and Republicans usually turn against independents. Crist is crafty creating a third party in this race in an attempt to split votes that could gain his seat in congress this coming November.

This will be a close race down to the wire. All three candidates should receive 30 percent of Florida’s vote each with the victor winning by a few percentage points. Once again Florida is in the national spotlight with a tight election race for congress much like the 2000 presidential election. This time hopefully no voting chads.

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