Tea Party Taking On Own Party?

The Tea Party continues its movement across the political spectrum gaining more strength as a political stronghold for the November 2 election date. The Tea Party backed candidates are winning against more GOP established candidates in an election year that has many issues facing the country.

In recent primary victories, the Tea Party is setting its sights on the Delaware Senate primary Republican Party candidates which have ignited a war of words between Delaware’s GOP and the Tea Party movement pitting conservative verse moderates. What is sparking the issue is the Tea Party support for Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell a conservative against Delaware former governor Republican moderate Mike Castle.

The Tea Party Express launched new ads supporting Senate candidate O’Donnell who first received the endorsed from the Party this past July recently committed to spending at least six-figures in the state for her support for an aggressive campaign to help O’Donnell to victory with TV and radio advertisements in Delaware and nearby Philadelphia. The Tea Party is using the same campaigning that helped Alaska Senate candidate Joe Miller’s surprising win over Sen. Lisa Murkowski in the Alaska primary.

Both candidates’ campaigns have become increasingly caustic, especially as Tea Party-backed candidates across the country have picked up win after win against GOP establishment candidates.

The Tea Party has launched TV and radio ads that support O’Donnell, and criticizes Castle not as a moderate but as a liberal candidate who “just keeps supporting the failed Democrat agendas. Castle a veteran politician is fighting back.

Out of state interest groups have threatened to spend “half a million dollars” to fund the tactics being used by the Tea Party movement and O’Donnell campaign to make negative accusations against Castle. Castle campaign has launched therealchristine.com, a site devoted to aggregating negative news about O’Donnell.

The Delaware Republican Party defended the negative nature of the site stating “The stories might not be flattering, but they are factual”. O’Donnell has faced criticism over her personal finance issues and leftover debt from previous failed bids for a Delaware Senate seat. She has also been accused of misstating the results of her run against Vice President Joe Biden former seat.

According to the Delaware Republican party, O’Donnell’s and the Tea Party has a troubling history with facts by not investigate the candidate that they’re supporting. O’Donnell has ran an unsuccessfully Senate bid three times. Because of O’Donnell failures Republican Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey endorses Castle. The winner will face Democrat Chris Coons in the race for Vice President Joe Biden’s former seat.

The Tea Party has been gaining strength since Sarah Palin pushed the party agenda’s starting in 2009 with support as early as January 2010 the start of the primary election. Call the Tea Party what you want. They are putting candidates in position to dominate congress as the Republicans will gain control as I suspect. Palin has rallied the movement much like a Major League baseball team. The Tea Party movement has winning streaks remaining in first place since the start of the election campaign. It is playoff time with the November 2 election the seventh game of the “World Series”. Prediction, Republicans will control congress.


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