Another Congressman Attempts To Bailout Big Oil

Since BP Deepwater Horizon biggest oil environmental disaster in history this past April that spew massive amounts of oil into the Gulf waters. Another congressman is honored to take thousands of dollars for big oil interests.

Republican Congressman Roy Blunt, Missouri is in the pockets of big oil including BP, Exxon Mobil, Chevron, Valero Oil Company and Marathon Oil. Congressman Blunt’s close connections with big oil for oil and energy are well known in Washington, and he has capitalized off of them by holding three fundraisers earlier this year. Blunt is outspoken stated that he was “honored to be recognized by an environmental group as one of the big oil industry’s most ardent supporters in Congress” according to the Kansas City Star.

Since BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico Blunt is standing by big oil. While big oil ranked in the money so did Blunt. Considered the #2 recipient of oil and energy money in the House of Representatives, Blunt is in the top ten from Big Oil Industry bailouts receiving more than $1 million from oil and energy groups. His track record is to protect big oil. Blunt isn’t even trying to deny the fact that he is in the pocket of the oil industry.

Blunt’s Washington record of taking big oil’s cash and then siding lobbying with them on issues to bailout preventing regulatory agencies from regulating the oil industry shows he puts big oil interests before the environment. ExxonMobil hosted an oil industry fundraiser for him in Washington last year.

Congressman Blunt has voted again and again to give oil and gas companies the opportunity to pay to push reform in allowing oil and gas exploration an economic burden by not paying for their neglect now asking the tax payer to pick up the tab for a $12 billion Big Oil Bailout to clean up BP’s mess in the Gulf Coast.

This past year, the senate voted down outgoing Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski’s amendment to bailout the oil industry keeping the Environmental Protection Agency from preventing oil companies like BP and the oil industry from harming polluting wetland and marshlands, fishery industry from their neglect. Lisa Murkowski is the Senator from big oil who was recently defeated in her reelection bid for congress.

Blunt is the House of Representatives from big oil who works for the people not the oil industry special interests. No more bailouts for Big Oil.



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