Republicans Using 2010 Election For 2012 Presidential Candidate

The 2012 presidential race will start November 3. The Senate and House will have the Republican political stronghold to hold down any of President Barack Obama policies. Republicans have maneuvered themselves since the 2008 election that could help select their 2012 Presidential candidate.

The Republican will be a force to deal with in Congress thanks to Sarah Palin pushing the Tea Party movement in 2009. Obama will either work with Congress under complete Republican control.

Who will be the Republican nominee choice for President?

Mitt Romney in 2012 because of the health-care overhaul he engineered as governor of Massachusetts.

Sarah Palin – Rallied the Tea Party movement throughout the country gaining support. Her endorsement of candidates for Congress won putting her in place to make a run at the Presidency in 2012.

Newt Gingrich – Former Speaker of the House crafty politician for the GOP. But he has some issues that could be stumbling blocks. Working with Democrats and Bill Clinton on healthcare reform. Recent racial rant at President Obama will hurt his chances.

Haley Barbour – Good fiscal budget planner in a slumping economy getting Mississippi through troubled times. He has raised a ton of money for the GOP.

Mike Huckabee: If you want a conservative in the Republican field, He‘s the man. But his news show on “Fox News” sometimes lack spark.


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