Big Oil Bailout Attempt, Write In Candidacy

Senator Lisa Murkowski, who lost Alaska’s GOP primary, last month to Tea Party candidate Joe Miller, has announced that she will reenter the race as a write-in candidate to keep her senate seat. Murkowski stated that supporters told her they’re worried about Republican nominee Joe Miller’s radical views and the Democratic candidate lack of experience.

Miller’s win in last month’s primary, Alaska’s voters supported Miller tired of Murkowski agenda turning to government and her attempt to bailout the oil industry preventing oil big oil for their own negligence for liability and accountability the same negligence that caused the sinking of the Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico this past April.

Former Alaska Governor and 2008 vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin urged Murkowski to recognize the voters cast primary votes for Miller and “respect their will.” Miller said Murkowski’s write-in candidacy won’t alter his strategy, which voters across the nation and in Alaska put an end in government overspending and intervention.

Murkowski’s told reporters that there’s a lot of risk involved as a write-in candidate. Murkowski faces long odds in very short time frame as the midterm elections are less than five weeks away. She also has no support from the Republican ranks. Some GOP leaders had urged her either to wait to challenge in 2014 or support Miller‘s campaign. Murkowski could gain support from undeclared write-in voters.

Murkowski’s write-in candidacy is the latest old political trend for elected officials more concern with maintaining public office than the will of the people as voters have expressed their disbelief with their elected politician that currently hold office switched party affiliation to win re-election bids as their views are no longer aligned within the party.

Congressional members that supported health care reform are facing tremendous heat and are locked in a tight battle from voters in this coming election to win back their parties’ nominations thanks in part from the influence of the Tea Party movement. Murkowski write-in candidacy strategy is to split votes between her and Miller. If successful she could shift power away from the Tea Party.


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