Sarah Palin Advises Candidate To Use The Infotainment Network

Sarah Palin spoke recently on “Fox News” advised newly Tea Party backed Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell, Delaware to stick to “Fox News” in order to “brand herself over the course of her campaign”. The same infotainment network that is teaching Palin politics 101. O’Donnell, recent controversial views have caused friction within the elements of the Republican and Tea Party.

The newly elected Republican Senate candidate says she wants voters to get to know her. On MTV, O’Donnell stated “all sex outside of marriage is immoral and so is masturbation. Patriotic Americans and true Christians must engage in neither”. More than ten years ago O’Donnell stated “I dabbled into witchcraft, but I never joined a coven.” In fact, she admitted, “I was a witch. One of my first dates was on a satanic altar, and I didn’t know it.”

On C-SPAN, O’Donnell stated that “women have no place in the military and that West Point had to dumb down its standards in order to accommodate female candidates”.

In 2007, on Fox News the “O Reilly Factor,” O’Donnell “announced her opposition to stem cell research because of scientific research already under way. American scientific companies are cross-breeding humans and animals, and coming up with mice with fully functioning human brains.” She also condemned condoms as “anti-human” and insisted there was nothing wrong with people getting pregnant.

First, O’Donnell needs to learn that if you’re going to say something. Then say something. The infotainment network has its work cut out for O’Donnell.

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