Challenge To Health Care Law Denied

The first to challenge the health care overhaul labeled Obamacare. A federal judge rejected an attempt to stop some key provisions of the new health care reform from a lawsuit filed in Michigan.

The claim was that lawmakers exceeded their juridical power under the constitution. The judge stated that Congress has the authority to require Americans to get health insurance and a financial penalty if a participant skips coverage, are not illegal. The Obama administration was trying to lower the cost of insurance for participation.

Without the coverage provision there would be an incentive for individuals to wait to purchase health care when needed “knowing that insurance would be available at all times” the judge stated. The goal is to prevent costly individuals in the insurance system with the least costly that could cause problems with cost leading to higher insurance premiums.

The Michigan court agreed that the coverage provision of health care was reasonable for Congress to reforming health care. In Florida, a Federal judge who is overseeing a lawsuit filed by 20 states who will attempt to repeal health care. The plaintiffs stated “the law is unconstitutional and claim it would force states to absorb higher Medical costs”.

The case in Michigan is headed to a Federal appeals court in Ohio. The four individual plaintiffs in Detroit do not have private insurance and oppose to being required to purchase it. Also this lawsuit is pending in Virginia. A decision to dismiss the 20 cases is expected this soon for all or parts of health care reform. The Justice Department stated that “the first time a court has considered the merits of any challenge to this” health care law.

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