The Government Gives Exemption On Health Care Coverage

Thirty companies and organizations won’t be required to raise benefits in the new low cost health care reform plans. Nearly a million workers like McDonald’s, Jack in the Box, and Wendy’s won’t get consumer protection in the health care reform. The new law that was meant to restrict insurance costs from government exempts of their employees.

The plan was used to cover part time or low minimum wage employees. The Department of Health and Human Services provided a list of exemption that granted waivers so workers would not lose coverage from employers who may choose to drop health insurance coverage. Without the waivers, companies would have to provide $750,000 to more than millions of dollars in coverage.

President Obama promised no one would lose coverage. Now more than 1 million would lose their coverage.

California farm worker receives coverage from the United Agricultural Benefit Trust was allowed to exempt 17, 347 people. Jack in the Box waived 1130 while McDonald’s waived more than 115,000 workers in California alone. The plan is to keep people from paying all of their care once they reach preset health care reform coverage restriction. McDonald’s offers the program for part time employees. Reports are that the hamburger chain informed the Obama administration it may “re-evaluate” the coverage plans unless itobtains waivers.

According to the Department of Health Human Services, the waiver program continues coverage until 2014 when the government will offer “insurance by tax credit”, part of the new health care reform known as Obamacare.


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