California Attempts To Legalize Drug

The US Justice Department and the Obama administration opposes California attempt to legalize marijuana. If this drug legalization passes this coming November 2 election, federal drug law and law enforcement efforts would be compromise.

The Justice Department has stated the Obama administration would continue to enforce federal laws against marijuana even if California passes a ballot initiative legalizing pot. The attempted drug passage known as “Proposition 19”, if passed, the measure would only affect state law, leaving federal law that classifies marijuana as a controlled substance combined withcocaine and other illegal drugs.

Attorney General Eric Holder recently forwarded a letter to nine former Drug Enforcement Administration chiefs that the Obama administration would continue to enforce federal law if California legalizes marijuana. Marijuana is currently legal in California.

What the feds are stating, if passed the ballot measure would block state police officers from seizing marijuana that complies with state and federal law because the federal government as a ruleworks with local law enforcement when carrying out drug busts.

California has permitted a smallpossession of marijuana consideredfor personal use. The measure would go further than existing law in California and other states that allow use of the drug for medical clearance. The government won’t target medical marijuana that comply with state law, but will continue to pursue prosecutions of traffickers, buyers and users which is illegal in the State of California.

The passage of “Proposition 19” would open the flood gates for other states across the country to file adapting California’s drug law. The real issues is that if this law is passed, major lawsuits will be filed from former prosecuted traffickers, buyers and users who potentially could get monetary compensation if this drug law islegislated.

The US government should fight California against marijuana use as a recreational drug even if voters make California the first state to legalize the drug that leads to harsher other drug use. The voters and the Justice department should take a stand against legalizing marijuana prevent “Proposition 19” from becoming law.

If “Proposition 19” becomes law, Lawyers are sitting back waiting to file on behalf of the many marijuana drug offenders that have served time for the passing of California’s illegal drug law.



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