Race In 2010

With the Republicans expected to gain majority control of the House and Senate, the Democratic Party appears to surrender Congressional seats the party now holds. Democrats face a tough road with the November election weeks away as they try to save their advantage in congress by shifting to candidates with better chances.

Democrats are shifting their means in states where they have a competitive edge over the Republicans. With a dozen seats theDemocrats will lose this election they are reducingsupport for any of their candidates that potentiallycannot win as party seats are lost.

With the Republicans expanding their field from the advancement of the Tea Party, Democrats are shifting resources to help senior lawmaker’s reelection bids with campaign advertising in districts they have strong support. It includes electoral districts where both the Republicans and Democrats campaign are running television advertisement or have reserved TV time.

To win the majority Republicans need to gain of 39 seats to win the House as this is projected. According to a poll from the “National Public Radio” 47% of likely voters preferred Republicans for Congress verses 44% preferred for the Democrats as the Republicans interest is running high in this election because of the state of the economy and failed administrative policies. The GOP edge had been eight points in June.

The Democrat party’s lack of support for some of their candidates appears as dooms day before the November 2, 2010 election.

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