Will Congress Reform Illegal Immigration?

The current Immigration system that past presidents have failed to find a resolution is so messed up and chaotic that a full-scale overhaul is necessary. Every excuse has been made by Congress on what direction to pass legislation law if any that will halt undocumented illegal immigration into US borders.

Our immigration system is so complicated that there is a possibility that both congress and the president will bypass immigration legislation to the next elected administration. With the Justice Department filling legal action against Arizona Senate Bill SB 1070, any movement toward reform is likely to be met with misinformation and attacks from the left, center and right on that illegal immigrants will continue taking American jobs from naturally born citizens.

No legislative bodies will seriously claim that we will fix our borders, pass immigration reform or Birthright Citizenship. We will continue to let undocumented illegal immigrants in as “Guess Worker”, a program the federal government sponsors.

Will Illegal Immigration ever be reformed?

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