Repeal To Health Care Reform?

Repeal health care reform? No time soon, not in the next two years not in 2012. More than 50% of Americans already like Obamacare as it has been labeled and the numbers is still growing. By 2012 provisions of the new law will be in full effect.

Between now and 2012 attempts to repeal health care will fail even if the Senate and House agreed and passed a repeal bill, President Obama has veto power as only the Commander in Chief can. Instead of repealing health care totally, there are several provisions of the law that could well be revised. The individual mandate requiring every American to have insurance or be fined should be challenged and defeated. This is the much debated provision sweeping the country.

Republicans have guaranteed to have hearings every week to focus on the health care reform law. The goal of those hearings is an attempt for health care defeat in the hands of the government if they could repeal health reform.

The next few years will be key as Congress will have regular hearings attempting to keeping the Obama administration spending time preparing for and defending health reform provisions that take away the money from the implementation of full reform in 2014 as Americans and their families who are not lucky enough to be completely healthy with jobs and health insurance, will struggle to get coverage and keep it.

Pay attention to what is being stated about health care coverage. Understand the real purpose of these health reform activities that special interest and lobbyist are pushing congressional members paying the big bucks to keep the public misinformed for private insurance industry. The current health system before Obama care starts.

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