Sarah Palin Reality Show

The Sarah Palin Reality show. Could it be part of the Palin strategy for becoming president in 2012?  A majority of Republican leaders don’t think so. “If Palin wanted the Republican nomination she’d be working on the inside,” one influential Republican stated. She should be working with the entire GOP base. But could all Palin really want is celebrity status with capital gains?

Sarah the Celebrity has an agenda much different than the Republican party. Palin’s agenda is directly related to America’ white working class. She claims to feel white America’s pain and anger during these tough economic times. Palin has embraced this rhetoric.

White America’s working class anger isn’t new. President Barack Obama overcame by defeating John McCain in 2008 presidential election which also includes the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s.

Both Democrats and Republicans have channeled political anxiety into anger labeling it as the “silent majority” through Bush tax cuts, middle-class jobs, government overspending and record growing unemployment. The white working class has not benefited from the recent rise in corporate profits and stock prices which could be the reason to extend the Bush tax cuts. This is where Palin enters.

The Jobless rate among the white working class is far higher than the 9.6 percent average for the nation. This has angered the white working class, stoked by Palins agenda against immigration, a sitting president and health care reform. That is why Palin is soaring on “Fox News” and CNN both infotainment networks.

Fox has provided Sarah Palin a platform with appeal teaching her politics with promises of revenge against the establishment. Palin keeps reminding the media that “they think they can keep screwing us, but we know something they don’t. We’re gonna take over and screw them”.

The Palin agenda is ending career established politicians’, business executives, and Wall Streeters. That’s maybe why she is playing the role of a celebrity. “Vote for Bristol and we’ll show the media establishment how powerful we are through dance! Buy my book and we’ll show the know-it-all coastal elites a real book directed at real people! Tune into my cable reality show and we’ll show the real America — far from the urban centers with immigrants and blacks and fancy city slickers!”

The Palin agenda has already provided a threat to the GOP. Look at what she has done with the Tea Party. Try denying her again and she could run seeking the Republican presidential nomination as an independent. Independent candidates split votes. Ask Charlie Crist in Florida. This will split off much of the white working class and guarantee defeat of the Republican candidates reelecting President Obama for a second term resulting in her defeat in 2012.

Palin has established her as a political stronghold in the eyes of the media. For all practical purpose Palin does not run for the presidency in 2012. She won’t be labeled a quitter for a second time.

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