Wisconsin Union Law Fight Will Be Decided In Court

It is a very good cause that Wisconsin judge will weigh arguments about whether her court order intended to temporarily block the state’s ridicules new collective bargaining law was still in place, or whether Republican leaders had again cow manure their opponents by using a illegal legislative loophole.


Dane County Circuit Judge MaryAnn Sumi scheduled hearing to consider arguments in one of several lawsuits challenging the legality of Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s law to out law employee’s rights, which would strip most public workers of collective bargaining rights pushing for cheap labor adding more funds to political pockets. The union unrest led to weeks of pro-union protests in and around Wisconsin state Capitol.

After weeks of stalemate, Republican senators passed the law after finding ways to vote without Democratic support, which had fled the state to deny a quorum instead fighting for workers rights. The very union rights that built this great country.

The judge was also expected to weigh in on whether the law took effect when a state office unexpectedly, (yea right) published it online, despite her order granted to blocking the secretary of state from publishing it in a newspaper article last step before a law takes effect in Wisconsin. The law will be decided by the states Supreme Court.

Walker whose being compared to ousted former Egyptian dictator “Hosni Mubarak” now known as Gov. Scott “Hosni Mubarak” Walker has received rave reviews for pushing communism on workers’ rights to end union support for better working conditions. His refusal to bend on the collective bargaining issue that union’s support the decency of American fruits of labor was moving forward against the judge’s order as if the law took effect?

The governor’s top aide, Mike Huebsch, stated “the administration was preparing a computer program that would account for the new deductions and halt deductions of union dues from state workers’ paychecks, starting April 21”. Wisconsin Department of Administration would stop that work if a court determined the law didn’t take effect.

Democratic Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne, one of several people suing to block the law contends that the Senate violated Wisconsin’s open records meetings statute because it didn’t give enough prior public notice before voting on the misconfigured law, asked the judge to “declare that the law hadn’t taken effect” and the “Senate must work together can’t act alone”.

The state had appealed the judges ruling to the higher court. But the appeals court denied this request because the Supreme Court will rule if and when they will hear this case.

The teachers union considered the most effected. School districts have started to take action because of the difference in opinion from the state law. Some districts that are being forced to take action have passed agreements with the states in fear of retaliation from the governor and legislative members. Wisconsin “Association of School Boards” informed districts not to take any official action until the Supreme Court hears the case.

“150 of the state’s 424 school districts either extended their current contracts or reached new deals”.

Walker has proposed to reduce $1 billion in cuts to schools, counties and local governments in his budget. The first time governor argues union concessions are needed to help make up for his proposed cuts in spending. Voters across the state argue that Walker is attempting to weaken both Democrats and Independent voters with a hidden agenda to weaken unions by Democrat voters who are pro union.

Walkers proposal contains provisions to fill the states $137 million deficit fixing a $3.6 billion shortfall putting an end to state health care funds, working conditions eliminate better pay while attempting a national lobbying effort against unions across the country. Only the state of Ohio is listening.

To make matters worst Walker now wants $12 million of a $150 million for a high speed rail system he previous rejected. The federal funding for the high-speed rail services that Gov. Walker is now requesting were incorporated in grants he rejected for the State of Wisconsin Transportation system.

Now asking the Department of Transportation for $150 million in grants to help pay for high-speed rail improvements while previously rejecting more than $800 million in federal funds that had been awarded for Wisconsin. At that time Walker “calling it wasteful, if not unneeded, spending”. At the present the funds are needed.

The State of Wisconsin is being run by a fruit cake who at best is Inconsistent with the ideas of his state. No union, no federal grants. Oh the budget cuts he‘s proposing has enough in the states coffers to pay for the rail system. At what time did the Gov., realize he needs the grants? He also reject the full $800-million-plus package for the purposes that Walker now wants, or is he a greed little pig petitioning the Department of Transportation for a chunk of the $2.4 billion that the state of Florida Governor Rick Scott gave up rejecting high-speed rail system?

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