Florida Governor Rick Scott To Drug Tests For State Budget

Florida’s Governor Rick Scott needs to be drug tested as well. Scott will soon be hit with legal challenges over his decision to make drug tests mandatory for all state workers, an American Civil Liberties Union official recently stated. Scott shall now be called “Felonious Monk” for all of the illegal wrong that he has done wants to make the poor and middle class suffer in the name to fund a casino in Miami Beach for state profit.

Scott a former healthcare executive is finding ways to slash state budget cost at the hands of the poor, middle class, state employee’s new hires and welfare recipients by forcing mandatory random drug testing under a Florida State executive order making good on his campaign promise drug tests for welfare recipients, who would be required to pay out of pocket for their own drug screening.

Scott recently signed requiring random drug screening for all workers on the state payroll at least once every three months on the same day a bill was filed in the state legislature seeking to make good on his pledge. The signing will have legal challenges from the ACLU and civil rights supporters

What’s brewing is legal opinion regarding current law, legislative and executive order challenge what many state officials consider being established law, and principles on drug testing set by the US Supreme Court about two decades ago. “Random drug testing of government workers, without reasonable suspicion of drug abuse, has generally been limited to employees in jobs where public safety is an issue”.

Many Floridians strongly believe Gov. Scott is cutting needed state budgets to fast track funds to allow Las Vegas-style casino resorts in Florida, as Scott wants legislative to move swiftly ahead that would end years of state outlaw on the high stake gaming industry. The planis to bring “destination casinos” to Miami Beach, Tampa and three other locations into the Sunshine state. Scott’s is using his campaign promise to thrust hundreds of thousands of jobs into Florida’s struggling economy with unemployment in Florida rank one of the highest in the nation.

Scott flew his private jet to Las Vegas for a private meeting with the owner of the Las Vegas Sands casino empire after this past November election. Scott was on his way to the Republican Governors Association meeting in San Diego, and he brought his wife, calling it “an introductory meeting.”

The Sands Casino for the past two years continue pushing to bring destination casinos to Florida, willing to invest as much as $3 billion in a project in Miami. Some key state lawmakers are embracing the idea, while owners of existing casinos and racetracks in Broward, Hillsborough, Brighton, Coconut Creek, Hollywood and Immokalee are raising concerns for gaming that’s already in place. The Sands also owns casino resorts in Singapore and Macao, China.

One plan being proposed the casino operator would pay a one time application fee of at least $50 million up-front cash that would help plug the state’s $3.5 billion budget gap providing a source of revenue for the state that could create of tens of thousands of permanent jobs. Reports are that this would provide high paying jobs and having a potential of $500 million a year in tax revenue” for the state.

The problem with promoting gambling that currently licensed in Florida to the Seminole Indian Tribe. The Tribe pays the state $150 million. Under an agreement between the state and the Seminoles, the tribe is allowed to halt the $150 million it sends yearly to the state if it faces new opposition. The tribe is paying the state an increasing amount over five years, after which time it can renegotiate. I don’t think the governor got very good legal advice on this but I see where Scott is coming from. $500 million verses $150 million.

Could revenue dollars and a balance budget come from Vegas style gambling in the State of Florida?

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