Gov. Nikki Haley Questioned For Supporting Medical Center

Before becoming South Carolina Governor, Nikki Haley was a state representative, hired as a fundraiser for the Lexington Medical Center Foundation. The hospital was trying to get approval from the Department of Health and Environmental Control to start a heart center in the state. Now questions are being raised for her efforts to secure a Lexington Medical Heart Center.

Gov. Haley stated she was “only doing the same thing every other member of the Lexington County legislative delegation was doing” in attempts to obtain a heart center. What are being called leaked information were emails exchanged between Haley and her boss, Lexington Medical CEO Mike Biediger, raise question if Haley was using her position as a state lawmaker to try to manipulate the DHEC vote.

South Carolina local “News Channel 7” inquire Haley “what she would say to someone who thinks the emails could indicate she was going to the board meeting to try to use her position as a lawmaker to help her employer.” On the day DHEC board was to vote on the Medical Centers behalf, Haley forwarded an email to the CEO, “I will be unable to make the DHEC meeting this morning. Please let me know how the vote goes today. My fingers are crossed.”

How can this be cons crewed as an attempt to influence as a state official lending support to start a new medical center? Gov. Haley with the help of her constituents supports her efforts to help Lexington acquire the medical center. A hospital spokesperson stated that the hospital never asked Haley to attend a DHEC meeting.

According to reports, all legislative members from Lexington County were expressing support to get the heart center approved.

Politicians support actions that better serve the general public by lobbying or being and activist that draw interest to a cause they support. Where is the harm in this? A politicians name can gain approval.

Does this suggest Manipulation? No.

Could her name alone help the outcome?


Did it?

Biediger reply back to Haley email the same day stating, “Our amendment didn’t pass this morning. I’ll tell you more about it when I see you.”

Sounds to me since Gov. Haley is a woman, Republican, tea party member, she is on everyone’s hit list.

Lexington Medical Center’s heart center was approved in 2010.

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