Change Immigration Law In Arizona After Osama Bin Laden Death

In the wake of Osama Bin Laden’s killing, U.S. officials warned that his supporters may threaten reprisal attacks. Already, one threat of revenge has surfaced.

“We are proud on the martyrdom of Osama”, Ahsan Ullah Ahsan, spokesman for the Pakistani Taliban organization “Tehrik-e Taliban Pakistan”, stated after Bin Laden death. “We shall definitely take revenge (on) America.”

Let us not forget before the September 11, 2001 attack, Muslim terrorist entered crossing Mexico into Arizona state borders preparation bent on destroying Americans choosing the routes so many illegal immigrants have used as a crossing focal point.

Now more than ever after Bin Laden’s death, immigration law needs immediate reform in preventing another attack. With the recent Arizona’s attempt to stabilize illegal immigration, the Justice Department and the Obama administration both have prohibited passage of SB 1070.

Senate Bill 1070 empowers state and local law enforcement to stop, question and arrest suspected illegal immigrants. The law gives power to law enforcement officers arresting rights without a warrant may arrest a suspected person with probable cause. Many illegal immigrants come for a better life. Then there are illegal immigrants that come for destruction.

There is legal and illegal immigrant terrorist living among us Americans every day. I believe that these Muslims have hidden agendas when they come to America wanting a better life living the American dream. Let’s not forget the 9/11 attackers trained in both Florida and Arizona, two of Americas heavily populated immigration presence. Those terrorist trained on American soil. They were educated Muslim men with extreme views preaching ideology of hate of the Western World.

I believe no doubt that there are former Taliban members living in America or American Muslim citizens recruiting Muslims to carry out terrorist acts in the US. Not all are of Muslim decent. These people live among us. SB 1070 in Arizona protects from terrorist active. Instead of calling immigration reform “racial profiling” try calling it protection of extremist active.

It is not a right to racial profile but with what is happening in the world as terrorist extremist being the aggressor throughout the world. How can we not take a second look at border jumpers and not think what are they up to. Are we to sit back and wait for the next Osama Bin Laden perpetrator to make another attempt at mass destruction on American soil? Or will the Federal Government allow Arizona to protect its own borders? When Arizona succeeds, more states will follow suit.

The feds, justice department and Obama administration is providing these terrorist a clear path to attempt to kill and maim people in the United States by not tracking their every move because Governor Jan Brewer took action that the federal level lacked based on preemptive rights.

Ahsan Ullah Ahsan the Pakistani Taliban organization has already stated to carry out its vow “we already have our people in America, and we are sending more there.”

So what is the next step in preventing another attack like the attempted Time Square Bombing suspect Faisal Shahzan terrorist attack in New York with ties to the Taliban this past May 2010?

He was arrested two days later after the incident by US Customs Agents taken into custody at the John F. Kennedy Airport in New York, attempting to leave the country boarding a flight scheduled to Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Shahzad was attempting to return back to Pakistan. The same country that claimed not knowing that the most sought after public enemy number one, the deceased Osama Bin Laden was a resident.





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