Delaware Senate Passes Immigration Bill

The Delaware Senate approved a bill requiring state and local governments to verify that all new hires applying for work are in the country legally, and to impose the same test for people seeking government benefits.

The bill, which earned the Senate a 16-to-3 vote, also requires public agencies to contract for services only with contractors and subcontractors who pledge to use the government’s E-Verify system or other federal database to check to make sure new workers are not illegal immigrants.

State and local government agencies also would be required to verify the lawful presence in the U.S. of any person 14 or older who has applied for public benefits, such as housing assistance or Medicaid. Eligibility for benefits would be verified through the federal government’s Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE) system, or other program designated by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Business Lobbyists are supporting the E-Verify system the latest and greatest system to track the legality of immigrants applying for federal, state or local government jobs. In the coming weeks a full Judiciary Committee could be voting to pass E-Verify through a bill which needs both House and Senate approval. Over the years Delaware business lobbies have successfully fought and prevented mandatory E-Verify which became a legislative tug of war which recently went to the state’s highest courts.

E-Verify are being considered in 14 other states. The U.S. Supreme Court  recently gave a green light to states requiring E-Verify for new hires as more states are now lined up to pass their own E-Verify law in the next year, now that the question of court suits has been resolved.

Businesses have now realized that when they prevented lobbying Congress from mandating E-Verify, they would run up against a mammoth of different E-Verify laws in states, counties and cities throughout the nation.

The push is on now to get President Barack Obama to mandate E-Verify for all federal contractors so that businesses don’t hire illegal immigrants and obey the law and hire Americans to fill American made jobs.

America is a nation of laws and equal opportunity. Hispanics have ignored our immigration laws and through normal childbirth have swelled the ranks of Hispanics in the U.S. so fast it has significantly altered the nation’s demographic profile within a single decade. It’s not about race or culture. It’s about what’s right for naturally born American citizens.

The perception is that If Hispanics came slower, learned English, practiced American customs, accepted American holidays that are non-working days, became educated, and embraced they would be more welcome. It is the mass of people seen as an illegal immigration based takeover of the U.S. that are raising both political and social issues. Congress and the president, both must act nationally, rationally and as soon as possible. The Obama administration denied Arizona SB 1070 as the Justice Department want to preempt state efforts to combat illegal immigration by not allowing states to supersede federal enforcement efforts.

The objective has always been to use state efforts to force Congress to act on a national scale to buy into E-Verify for state governments that are a big sanctuary of illegal immigrants in Texas, Florida, California, New York, Atlanta, Illinois and Arizona. If this will happen it is unknown, but a national law is gravely needed to require E-Verify not only to verify illegal status, but to also punish the business that employ illegals. Businesses are starting to distance themselves from the mess they created for cheap labor.




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