The Last GOP Debate

This by far was a good spirited debate at its best. New Hampshire hosted it’s first of two scheduled debates was grand that no finger pointing, heated arguments, confrontations or insults were issued. The seven Republican presidential hopefuls stated facts. Each individual had their own persona on stage as it was clear that the main topic of discussion was the economy. This second debate thus far showed that several solid presidential candidates are vying for the opportunity to face Barack Obama next year.

Mitt Romney was clearly campaigning more against President Obama than for the Republican nomination. He was the most vocal and critical of the President, and seemed to take every opportunity to point out President Obama’s failed policies. He also seemed the most presidential having ran in 2008.

Michele Bachmann’s performance was impressive. Got right to the point and has her facts in place. She’s getting brownie points from experience as a congressional member in a male dominated field, plus she is the new darling of the tea party.

Newt Gingrich knows every issue and the most thoughtful intelligent Republican with a no-nonsense approach. He understands politics as the former Speaker of the House during the Clinton administration. But he is not an elect able candidate in this field but you never know.

Tim Pawlenty’s speaking on what is being called “Obamney Care” because of the similarities between Obama Care and Romney Care, the recent health care reform. He did a very good job on the issues during his time frame. I did not know what to expect from him going into the debate nor do I expect anything further.

Ron Paul speaks from a radical approach using constitution and role of less government will get interest. Did stumble on foreign policy issues. His past failure in 2008 will repeat in 2012. Wants to repeal the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This will again be his downfall.

Herman Cain has proven he has a head for business, something the economy and Washington badly needs. Spoke on the issues really well. Cain could be the man. Candidates are elected not on “hope or change” but what is done to stimulate the economy – a business plan elects presidential winners. Cain could be the man. But I see him as a marginal candidate in this field though he would make a great conservative president.

A Rick Santorum answer were solid and clear is probably the candidate with the most to offer character-wise and he lived up to his conservative reputation as time will tell how serious he is.

If the economy is still an issue comes this November 2012 as I expect. Herman Cain appeared from this debate as the candidate that can unite big business and the middle class ending this “Great Recession.” What America needs is a business president not the “change we can believe in which” lost out to Obama’s change he can role around in with the private sector. The GOP will have a legitimate and very acceptable option to rebound the economy.

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