Fact-Check Fact-Checkers: Romney: OK, Maybe Obama Didn’t Make The Recession ‘Worse

Mitt Romney backtracks his initial claim that President Obama made the economy worse when recently asked by NBC. Now Romney states “he never meant to suggest any such thing.” Given the fact that jobs are scarce, unemployment is higher than what’s reported, no debt ceiling to halt government overspending, the economy has not moved forward since 2005 when the bubble burst which is failure.

Romney was asked by NBC how he formed his opinion that Obama made the economy deteriorate he inherited. “I didn’t say that things are worse,” stating that the President has done very little for job growth which is a fact. Obama had failed to do enough on jobs is an accurate claim.

The recession is now the “Great Recession” extensive and more critical as a result of Obama’s economic policies by far a fact. The stimulus plan back in 2009, billions of dollars borrowed was to hold the unemployment rate down. 8% is still very high.

Obama did not create this great mess that the economy is in but his policies have made it worst and extended the recession. The longest it has been in many decades. Romney made that point clear in the first debate in New Hampshire last month.

The stimulus bailed out troubled financial institutions and the auto industry. But that stimulus actually cost the economy jobs and slowed growth. It did not boost the economy with long or short range growth.

The American Enterprise Institute determinedin 2010 that the economy it grew by an additional 4% in its first year and that the “recession would have continued significantly longer without its support.”  Where are the facts? Even with a 4% growth in one year, the economy is still at record failing levels.

Romney should stick by his claim from his first debate in New Hampshire last month that the President has done very little for job growth which is a fact.

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