Current Republican Field or The Best Is Yet To Come?

The fight to unseat President Obama in the coming 2012 presidential election, what candidate has emerged with a solid stamp to prevent another four more years of failed policies? “Hope and Change” which is now despair and what if has the president in a vulnerable position. The current Republican candidates at first were a stand by field as the main hopefuls dropped out like bees in an empty bee hive. The current field has produced some surprising noteworthy Republican candidates, or is the best yet to come?

The fight for the Republican Presidential nomination is finally in motion. At first the voters were treated to candidates who had officially declared candidacy for President. Two fiscally responsive stronghold Governors the likes of Arkansas Mike Huckabee and Mississippi Haley Barbour both have publicly announced that they have ended their campaigns before they got startedas voters were left to search again for a candidate who can beat anexposedPresident Obama. Other candidates declining a presidential run included Jeb Bush, Chris Christe, Jim Demint, and Mitch Daniels.

Donald Trump declared his candidacy based his platform claim on Barack Obama’s “Birther” issues to new levels of political satire. Trump had captured headlines and sparked controversy with his persistence in raising doubt over the president’s birthplace. He released his own official birth certificate then called on Obama to do the same. Legal documentation of the Obama’s birth certification has been accessible online for more than three years.

Entering into the Republican fray has produced many candidates worth mentioning that made some noise then fizzled out or withdrawn their candidacy, Tim Pawlenty and Rick Santorum most recent couldn’t catch voters’ attention.

Frequently mentioned but not actively exploring a candidacy or not really having publicly expressed intentions to do so is 2008 Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin. Palin was considered a front-runner in early primary states at first even without announcing her running intentions. Lead a strong Tea Party movement in this past 2010 primary election removing career politicians, endorsing more than 50 candidates in an effort to bolster her credentials as the Republican Party’s top potential candidateif she enters. Expect an announcement from Palin during the Labor Day weekend.

Americans are already up in arms with the economy continues to deplete jobs at an alarming rate, the unemployment rate has zoomed to over a 25 year high, no job creation, concerns of government overextend spending andthe $787 billion stimulus plan signed into law in 2009 that was allocated for job creation which has not rebuilt the economy. Experts stated the government’s job creation plan hinges on an economic recovery.

Since this financial path continues in the direction of a downward spiral with no economic rebound, Republicans and Americans are determined to find a candidate who can revive a flourishingnation and create a federal fixas Washington has no solutions to restore the economyas the country falls deeper and deeper from a Great Recession or a new Depression.

The 2012 presidential campaign is in full swing, with a varied and ambitious group of Republicans jockeying for their party’s nomination and a chance to go head to head with President Obama. Candidates who have officially declared they are running for President: Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, Gary Johnson, Herman Cain, Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum, Buddy Roemer, Jon Huntsman, Rudy Giuliani, Paul Ryan, Newt Gingrich and Fred Karger. Here’s a look at the Republican contenders and where they stand:

Michelle Bachmann, the Minnesota Congresswoman, has emerged as a smart constitution conservative. Won the Iowa straw poll, the first big test of her organization, and propelled her to the top of the field in Iowa. Tea Party leader,founded Tea Party caucus in Congress, denouncestax increases, big government, the health care law and government spending,  conservative on social issues, surprising front runner gaining momentum. Could be the first women elected president.

Herman Cain former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza. First Republican debate help start Cain’s raise among the Republican Party. Has the Tea Party backing, believes in Reaganomics, cut corporate tax rates, make permanent the Bush tax cuts, tougher immigration policies to secure American borders. Unknown gaining supports among primary voters. Bid for a Senate seat in Georgia In 1994.

Newt Gingrich former House Speaker from Georgia who led the Republican takeover of Congress in 1994 Written numerous books, favorite of the Tea Party movement, has influence in Washington, challenged President Clinton over the budget led to a government shutdown in 1995, and resignation as speaker in 1998.

Jon Huntsman former Governor of Utah, officially announced his candidacy this past June, served as an ambassador to China under President Obama until recently. A two-term governor of Utah, he has foreign policy experience, moderate on social issues. Reports are that some Republicans shy away from Huntsman because of his ties to President Obama.

Gary E. Johnson former Governor of New Mexico made efforts to legalize marijuana during his two terms as governor of New Mexico. A libertarian who opposed the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, he has advocated spending cuts. As governor he vetoed a record 750 spending bills and left his state with a $1 billion surplus but is more liberal on social issues. Supports abortion rights and less immigration laws will be his down fall. Could cause problems with Ron Paul, both from Texas could split votes.

Thaddeus McCotter U.S. Representative from Michigan announced his candidacy this past July. A five term congressman elected to the House in 2002 after serving one term in the State Senate. Likes limited government, and opposing tax. Not a typical Republican, supports federal financed health insurance program for children, and backed union organizing.

Ron Paul U.S. Representative Texas, twenty year Congressional member representing Texas in Congress, outspoken on American foreign and fiscalpolicy. Libertarian, considered the “godfather of the Tea Party,” great fundraiser for the Republican Party. Many Tea Party members are not on board with Paul’s beliefs in scaling back the United States military.

Rick Perry Governor of Texas recently announced he was running for president, liked by fiscal conservatives. Texas’s longest serving governor, Chairman of the Republican Governors Association, popular with the Tea Party, provided Texas with economic growth in creating jobs.

Buddy Roemer former Governor of Louisiana, announced his candidacy for president this past July in New Hampshire. First elected to Congress in 1980 and served four terms in the House before being elected governor in 1988. In 1991, he switched parties for his re-election and lost the Republican primary. Roemer stated that he’s building his campaign to stop corruption in Washington politics, has been out of politics for nearly two decades. This could hurt his chance for the Republican nomination.

Mitt Romney former Governor of Massachusetts, one time presidential candidate in 2008, considered by the media as the most qualified contender “to jump-start the nation’s economy.” Have the same issues now as back in 2008, conservatives were skeptical of his convictions and his embrace of a health care program in Massachusetts similar to what’s being called “Obamacare.” Lead the State for 11 years into economic prosperity.

As the nationand political atmospherecontinues to waverin the face of rising unemployment, expanding national debt and out of control spending,Congressional members are divided from both sides of the political spectrumwith persistencepickering and self-separationthat’s withholding this nation fromeconomic growth, limited spending, job creation, Repeal provisions of Obamacare and immigration reform.The Presidential Election has taken an added significance for 2012. Do we give President Obama his reelection to right the sinking ship or should we wipe the slate clean and bring the Republicans back into power again in the hope that things will be better?

Republicans are desperate to get this country back on track the top priority for the 2012 presidential election in my opinion. The next candidate needs to take into account to include both the middle class and big business for economic development and financial responsibility that limits government whose only agenda is the wellbeing of the citizens of the United States of America and the preservation of the ideals that once made the U.S. the greatest nation on the planet.

The question is who the Republicans will elect to leadagainst President Obama? The current field is up to the task;someone still off the field will step in and run taking this nation back for Christ realizing that we as a nation cannot do this alone. Michael Huckabee please step forward.


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