Big Oil: Let Us Drill Again

Big Oil is pushing if allowed to drill off the East Coast and West Coast, off of Florida Gulf Coast and in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, could create 1.4 million new jobs,the industry says it could deliver new jobs, boost tax rolls by $800 billion, and increase domestic energy production almost by 50%.

With the economy in desperate need of a boost the oil industry made a pitch to Washington.Are you ready for this? Big Oil is lobbying for drilling more widely, with looser restrictions, no federal oversight pushing for a relaxed industry using job creation as an excuse to drill oil for profits.

“To hit those numbers, the industry would need to drill off the East and West Coasts, in waters off Florida’s Gulf Coast, in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, and on most federal public land that’s not a national park. These areas are currently off limits to drilling, except for some public land in these regions.”

In order to drill, Big Oil stated it would need to build new pipelines to doubling production from Canada’s oil sands requesting a halt to the already stiffeningof environmental protected rules governing shale gas development, and the safeguardingof approved tax policies.

Big Oil continues petitioning congressional members for more places to drill oil in federally protective areas across the U.S. with less regulation, and it’s hoping lawmakers struggling with a “sputtering economy” are listening attempting using the economy as an excuse for a relaxed regulation.

American Petroleum Institute President Jack Gerard said in a letter to President Obama. “We provide more than energy; we offer real-world solutions that will create jobs, strengthen our energy security and generate significant government revenue without raising taxes.”

This is nothing more than the oil industry requesting an oil bailout from the Obama administration preventing regulatory powers from inspecting checking and stopping the EPA from regulating the oil industry. Why would the oil industry wish to deregulate the EPA?

Because of the catastrophe oil disaster in the Gulf, congress cannot provide the opportunity to push reform in allowing oil and gas exploration an economic burden without neglect. The next Deepwater Horizon cannot and will not happen again. The next economic disaster could cost trillions of dollars.

Oil drilling exploration needs reform in preventing politicians attempts to bailouts the opportunity to use legislative tools to put regulatory agencies in check stopping the EPA from regulation the oil industry. The Gulf of Mexico oil disaster cannot repeat itself. This includes no deepwater directional drilling in the Great Lakes, Pacific, Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico.

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