Too Much Government Shut Down Kids Lemonade Stand At U.S. Open

The 112 U.S. Open Golf Tournament rich in tradition as one of the major golfing events each year has evolved into an important world golf championship. A Game considered a precision “club-and-ball sport” in which competing golfers using many types of clubs attempt to hit balls into each hole on a golf course while employing the fewest number of strokes. Golf like all sports starts out as a kids play. This past event had a different game plan for kids, no kid’s period.

Bethesda, Maryland Congressional Country Club, the site of this year’s U.S. Open, some kids decided to have some fun selling lemonade to customers at the U.S. Open with the proceeds being donated as profits to a children’s charities. This is nothing different during the summer months each and every year. Kids put up lemonade stands selling cups of fresh ice cold lemonade around the neighborhoods they dwell.

Turns out there are something more important that kids selling a natural brand soft drink. The U.S. system of government with all of its government bureaucracy decided that lemonade selling could not be governed accordingly. Montgomery County inspectors warned children and their parents that they were violating a ban on vendors within county limits and ordered to shut down the lemonade stand. How American is that? When the kids didn’t shut down their operation, big government stepped in, shutting the operation down and fining both kids and parents $500.

Correct me if I’m wrong, lemonade stands date back around the time of government oversight?

According to the county for this event, there were traffic and safety concerns around the club’s entrance. Lemonade stands are known for employing a foldable table, couple of chairs and one sign. “Ice Cold Lemonade 5¢” The County Inspector stated, “this wasn’t just two kids with a pitcher and a misspelled sign. No, this was a full-scale lemonade distribution operation. Cute little kids making five or ten dollars” with “coolers and coolers here.” Could it be that the government could not put taxation on lemonade stands?

Reports are that the money was raise for pediatric cancer. Because the kids did not have a vendor’s license, the kids were not allowed to sell their lemonade. How many lemonade stands donate money to charity? Could the county scuff this because the kids did not employ a lobbyist on their behalf for special treatment from the county? Shame, shame, shame.

What the county did allow selling parking spots outside the US Open residence issuing permits at $300 apiece to allow “impromptu” parking lots selling parking spots for up to $60 apiece. According to WUSA, some are making “tens of thousands of dollars in parking fees.”

Because of public pressure, the county reconsidered and waived the fine, asking the kids to reopen in a safer location. The kids were able to donate $300 to charity. Thanks for the government realizing what a nightmare that was. Good on the county for seeing the PR nightmare that was, and taking a slightly wiser course of action on reconsideration. Still, Welcome to the real world, kids!

Now maybe kids can see in the real world of too much government, we live in a Democrat(ic) society. Liberals suck.



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