California Governor Signs Bill Prohibiting Police From Arresting Unlicensed Illegal Immigrants

Whatever happened to the duty of the U.S. government to protect and secure the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness of its citizens? Illegal Immigrants in California are getting better benefits from the American political system having constitutional rights and protections when living unlawfullyon American soil than American born citizens.Is California hiding behind “Sanctuary Laws” and “Special Order 40” in California which shield illegal immigrant from being caught without properproof of identity?

In these areas, police can actually be under great penalty just for asking the legal status of a suspected illegal immigrant. Any law that criminalized our law enforcement hinders law enforcements from capturing, arresting deporting illegals must be changedat all the federal, state and local levels. Illegal immigration is supposed to be “illegal” period. California is allowing illegal immigrants to operate motor vehicles as unlicensed drivers. Having documentation supposedly is the first item that law enforcement uses to establish residence and identification. Does this federally mandated law apply in California? It appears not.

On California’s final day to pass and act on more than 140 new laws, Governor Jerry Brown recently pushed through law enforcement, signing a bill protects illegal immigrant drivers at police checkpoints.The governor signed a measure prohibiting police from arresting unlicensed drivers and impounding their cars at drunken driving checkpoints.Under the law, police cannot impound a car at a checkpoint if the only offense was driving without a license. Under federal and state laws this isagainst the law, correct me if I’m wrong.

Under the law, police cannot impound a car at a checkpoint if the only offense was driving without a license.Illegal immigration is supposed to be a criminal offense which includes the use of operating a vehicle without supported documentation. Now the new, law instead of arresting illegal immigrants living unlawfully in California receive a Citation, no arrest.

Officers must make a reasonable effort to contact the registered owner of the car, or a licensed driver authorized by the registered owner to pick up the car. Police may issue a citation for driving without a license but cannot arrest the driver. The sponsors of the Bill labeledAB353; California Assemblyman Gil Cedilloanillegal immigration lobbyist stated illegal immigrants “are in a costly bind. They can’t obtain driver’s licenses, but must drive to support themselves.”

Without the support of Congressional members in Washington refusing to pass simple immigration reform, illegal immigration is running rampant across the entire nation. Treating illegally undocumented and unlicensedimmigrants is a death wish for sober California drivers. Unlicensed illegal drivers are more dangerous than licensed drivers. AB353 keeps California police from freely impounding cars from sober, but unlicensed drivers at DUI checkpoints.

AB 353 says if a sober driver is caught at a DUI checkpoint without a valid license, police must release the car to a qualified driver representing the registered owner. According to the Los Angeles Times some Latino lawmakers have alleged that DUI checkpoints have been abusedto falselytarget illegal immigrants who don’t have a driver’s license. Sound like another illegal excuse for back door Amnesty.


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